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This week I came across two different articles about running. One was in WSJ, the other in Runner’s World. One was filled with derision, the other was sad but uplifting. The first one left me feeling annoyed and a bit defensive. And the second one… the second one showed me exactly why the first article was completely irrelevant. If you are a runner, you’ve probably come across at least one of these articles. The first one is “Ok, You’re a Runner. Get Over it” by Chad Stafko. The second one is “Jim’s Last Group Run” by Jason Andersen.  Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | October 20, 2013

One week to go…

Well, so much for me keeping up with my writing during this training season. I could come up with some pretty valid excuses – busy work schedule, my computer dying on me, etc. But the truth is – I just really didn’t feel like writing during these past 4 months. So, now that I only have one week left to go before my race, I am trying to sort out what was going through my head during this training season that made me not feel like sharing my experience this time.  Read More…

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Friendships are a beautiful thing. They enrich our lives. They lift us up. They are usually based on things like trust, mutual respect, and some shared interests. Except when it comes to me and my friend Megan. Our friendship is based on mutual torture, humiliation, and huge amount of inappropriateness. :-)

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Long time no see

Yes, I know that I’ve been MIA for quite some time. But I promise, I have a good excuse reason. First, there were two weeks of vacation (in two different countries). Then, there was a week of having no computer due to the fact that my Garmin had killed it (I’ll have more to say about this later). Finally, there was an overseas business trip (yet to another country). So, I do have a lot of catching up to do.
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MCM Training Week 3 Summary

Weekly summary:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 7 miles base
Wednesday – 4 miles easy
Thursday – Friday – missed runs
Saturday – 3 miles easy
Sunday – missed run
Total Miles: 14 :-( Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | June 3, 2013

MCM Training Week 2 Summary

Weekly Summary:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 miles base
Wednesday – 3 miles easy
Thursday – 6 miles base
Friday – rest (did a lot of walking that day though)
Saturday – 4 miles (Bloomin’ 4 mile race)
Sunday – 9 miles base
Total Miles: 27

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Posted by: runawaynotes | May 26, 2013

MCM Training Week 1 Summary

Weekly Summary:

Monday – cross training (arms, back, abs)
Tuesday – 5 miles base
Wednesday – 3 miles easy run
Thursday – 5 miles base
Friday – rest
Saturday – 3 miles easy run
Sunday – 8 miles base
Total mileage: 24

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Posted by: runawaynotes | May 16, 2013

Well, this is going to be a very different training season

This Wednesday, I went to the orientation meeting for RunOn early marathon/15K training program, and my main takeaway from that meeting was “This training season is definitely going to be very different from what I am used to.” Even the orientation itself was like nothing I would have expected at DRC. An orientation at DRC is like a first day of school. Everyone is there – the place is completely packed. You have your freshmen (first timers) who are sorta looking shell-shocked and are hanging on to every word the principal (that would be Vishal) says. You have your sophomores (the returning runners), who have already done this once and know the drill, and are coming back for another round. You have your juniors (those who have done the training before and are moving on to the next level) – those guys have done their half training, and are getting ready to take on their first full marathon training season. So, there is this feeling of familiarity and comfort, yet a whole new level of excitement and slight apprehension because you are about to joing “the cool kids” club. And then there are seniors – those are the guys that have done marathon training before, kicked that marathon’s butt, and came back to do it again. Everyone is excited; you see a lot of old friends; you high-five each other, ask about latest races that people have done, and tell your own “battle stories”. All the pace leaders are lined up along the walls like proud teachers, and you can come up to them and chat and get a feel for what they are like. Well, RunOn orientation was nothing like that.  Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | May 1, 2013

Happy birthday to my blog!

One year ago today RunawayNotes was born! It was fun to go through my old posts today to see how far I have come since then. In many ways, things are very different now.  Back then, I have made a decision to train for and run a full marathon. At that time, I was very uncertain in my own abilities. I wasn’t sure if my body would be strong enough physically (I was dealing with an injury), and I also wasn’t sure if I was tough enough mentally to go through the whole ordeal. And now I know that my body is a lot stronger than I gave it credit for, and I am way tougher than I ever believed myself to me. I have grown so much as a runner over the past 12 months. I have reached so many milestones. It has been one truly amazing year.  Read More…

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Now what?

Two hours and 27 minutes of anguish, frustration, and anger. Tens of thousands of people trying to reach a common goal, failing over and over again. Every now and then, you get a glimmer of hope that the end to this misery is near, but another few moments pass, and you realize that you are as far away from that precious prize as you were an hour ago. Your loved ones are cheering you on. “Keep on trying! We believe in you!” Those lucky few who have gone before you and succeeded also share words of encouragement “Do not give up! It’s not over yet!” You think you’ve hit the wall. You don’t have the mental fortitude to keep going. You are ready to give up. But then that little voice just whispers in your ear “Come on! One more try!” And you click your mouse, and just like that, miraculously, you are registered for Marine Corps Marathon 2013!  Read More…

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