Posted by: runawaynotes | May 1, 2012

Not the kind of first post I was planning on writing

So, when I originally got the idea to start a blog, I was planning on writing my first post on June 1, 2012, after registering for Dallas White Rock Marathon. After all, the main purpose of this blog was (and still is) supposed to be to chronicle my journey to my first marathon, to help me analyze what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong, to document my challenges and successes along the way, and most importantly, to serve as an external motivator. Because nothing motivates better than fear of public failure. And even if only one person besides me is going to read this blog, this will technically qualify as being “in public” 🙂

However, as it often happens, life decided to throw a monkey wrench into my plans, and this morning I found myself sitting on the cot at the physical therapist’s office and having said physical therapist put some neon pink Kinesio tape all over my right knee (after he was done with that, he said “Voila!” in his perfect French accent – as he happens to be French – which kinda made me grin). That was the only reason I had to grin at the moment because I have just been told that I’m having some issue with the range of motion in my right hip joint, which causes my IT band to get super tight, which in turn causes my kneecap to go all over the place and hurt like a sweet mother when I run. When I asked what was causing this issue, Serge (yes, my physical therapist has a very French sounding name too) said “Well, the cause of the problem is primarily the fact that you are a woman.” Hmmmm… I’ve got to admit, that was not something I considered to be easily remedied. Plus, although being a woman is probably the cause of many of my problems, I am rather fond of my “womanhood” and I’m not willing to give it up even for the sake of accomplishing my goal of running a marathon. Serge proceeded to explain that certain physical differences between men and women are responsible for my hips’ tendency to get misaligned, and then various external factors make the problem worse. He did say that we might be able to rectify the situation through stretches, exercises to strengthen my core, and by taking a closer look at my running shoes, my gait, etc. Well, that did not seem quite as radical as a sex change surgery that I was worried about.

But all in all, it does look like the challenges that I was going to chronicle in this blog are going to start a little bit earlier than I had originally anticipated. So, I figured that I might as well throw away my original vision of what this blog was going to be like and just roll with it. It seems like the next month will have enough stuff for me to write about, and it feels like my quest for the glory that is running a marathon would  not be complete without this chapter. Plus, if that one single person who is going to read my blog besides me starts reading it now, then maybe the fear of public failure will force me to stay on track with my stretches, exercises, etc. Because, you know, those foam rollers are not fun. So, here it is – my very fist post in my very first blog! If you read this, please wish me luck and come back again to check on my progress and keep me accountable 🙂 Meanwhile, I will keep working my my hip as well as working on my blog web page. I’m not sure that I’m quite happy with it yet 🙂


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