Posted by: runawaynotes | May 16, 2012

I’m not a doctor, but this sounds oddly familiar

So, today I did what every person does after they get bad news from a doctor: I went online and googled my symptoms. Now, I know that “knee pain” is a pretty obscure of a description, but the very first thing that popped up seemed to be written about me, as if someone has been sitting in on my doctors appointments and physical therapy sessions. Here’s the article: Chondromalacia patella
Here are just a couple of quotes:

Chondromalacia patella is a common cause of kneecap pain or anterior knee pain. Often called “Runner’s Knee,” this condition often affects young, otherwise healthy athletes

Chondromalacia is interesting in that it often strikes young, otherwise healthy, athletic individuals. Women are more commonly affected with chondromalacia. Exactly why this is the case is unknown, but it is thought to have to do with anatomical differences between men and women, in which women experience increased lateral forces on the patella.

[flashback to my first conversation with Serge]
And finally the most encouraging piece of information:

most individuals can undergo effective treatment by resting the knee and adhering to a proper physical therapy program. Allowing the inflammation of chondromalacia to settle is the first step of treatment. Avoiding painful activities that irritate the knee for several weeks, followed by a gradual return to activity is important. In this time, cross-training activities, such as swimming, can allow an athlete to maintain their fitness while resting the knee. The next step in treatment is a physical therapy program that should emphasize strengthening and flexibility of the muscles of the hips and thighs. Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication is also helpful to minimize the pain associated with chondromalacia

Well, like I said, I’m not a doctor, but all this sounds pretty spot on to me. So, I guess I am just going to be a good girl, take my anti-inflammatory drugs, do cross-training, and be patient. I still have over 200 days to get where I need. I will get there.


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