Posted by: runawaynotes | May 26, 2012

My mind playing tricks on me

I have my follow-up visit with my orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday, and I just realized that I have no idea if I’m actually doing better than I was when I first saw him. At this point, I’m not sure how much of my discomfort is due to my injury and how much is psychosomatic. I keep paying close attention to my knee, and the slightest twinge and cramp freaks me out. I can be doing just fine until a thought about my knee crosses my mind, and I start listening to my body to see if there is anything feels wrong. And sure enough, my knee will start feeling “off”. It’s like I’m psyching myself out. Of course, there are still times when my knee really hurts – like after spending a few hours jumping around at a rock concert (which was epic, by the way. Theory of a Deadman rocks!). This leads me to believe that the symptoms are not just in my head. So, I figured I will just have to tell the doctor all this and see what he has to say. Maybe an MRI is really the next necessary step [sigh].

On a more positive note, I’ve been doing yoga pretty regularly and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been to 4 different classes so far, and I was supposed to go to my fifth one this morning, but there was a small matter of me recovering from the last night’s concert (oops!). Even though my balance and flexibility are pretty pathetic, I still leave every class feeling good about myself. I enjoy the deep stretch in my lower back, quads, and calf muscles. I love how deep and even my breath gets and how I can spend an hour alone with myself and let the outside world melt away for a while without feeling guilty about it. There are two more types of classes that I want to try – deep stretch and meditation. They are on my to-do list for next week.

Oh, and I found out something really neat about my yoga studio. I noticed how one of the walls in the lobby is covered in photos of instructors in various yoga poses. One of them in particular grabbed my attention. The woman in the picture (who happened to be our instructor that day) looked so serene and relaxed. The photo somehow felt familiar to me, so I asked the instructor who took it. She said “Oh, it was taken by Stevan Koye. He teaches a few classes here.” I immediately knew why the photo felt so familiar to me – I had one of myself that evoked the same feeling. And that photo was also taken by Stevan Koye when my running club was hosting a “Yoga for Runners” seminar. It’s funny how the world can be such a small place 🙂 I think I will try to take one of Stevan’s classes. A person who is able to capture the very meaning of peace and serenity in his photos has to be an awesome yoga instructor. Oh, and in case you are curious, here is that photo of me:



  1. I didn’t know Stevan was teacher – I’ve been cyberstalking his photography for a while now…how small the world really IS! Great post. I hope your appointment goes well xx

    • Isn’t his work absolutely beautiful?! I love browsing the archives on his web site. I was tickled pink too when I saw that my photo make a list of his “favorites” 🙂

      Thank you for the good thoughts. I will be posting the recap of my appointment. Hopefully, it will be with a “good news” tab.

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