Posted by: runawaynotes | May 30, 2012

Time is running out :-(

I had a full-blown meltdown in Serge’s office today. In fact, Serge has run out of Kleenex while talking to me and had to go and get a new box (In all fairness, he was running pretty low on Kleenex. I guess stuff like this happens a lot in his office).

The meltdown has actually been in the making since yesterday, but I didn’t quite reach the breaking point until this morning. It all started when my running club posted on its website that the fall training season starts July 21. This means that by July 21 I should be able to run 6 miles and should be running regularly about 3 times a week. A couple of months ago this wouldn’t have been the slightest cause for concern, but yesterday I started frantically counting how many days I have left until July 21 to get myself to this point. The number of days was not too comforting. So, this morning I flat-out asked Serge if he thought I was going to be in fighting shape by that particular date. His answer – “I don’t know” 😦 This is when it hit me for the first time that I might actually not be able to get over this thing in time for the start of the training season, and I started sobbing. Serge handed me my first Kleenex. He said that he should be able to give me the answer in two weeks. If the steroids that my doctor had prescribed actually manage to get rid of the inflammation in my knee, then I will make it. If not, then there simply won’t be enough time for me to build back up to my required base level by mid-July. By this point the Kleenex box was empty and he had to step out to get me more. As I was blowing my nose, he said that even with the worst case scenario, I will be running again. It’s just that this “again” might not be as soon as I would like. Well, I guess we’ll find out in two weeks 😦



  1. sounds rough but this is one of those situations where there is nothing you can do about it (besides following the doc’s advice) by stressing. Make some backup plans about whether you’d be happy to run/walk it depending on when training could begin?

    • I know that my initial reaction was a bit melodramatic. Like I explained it to a friend of mine, it felt like I had failed before I even got a chance to start. But you are right, stressing about it won’t help. I’ll keep my fingers crosses that the next two weeks will go as planned, and if not – I’ll figure out if I want to scale back and do a shorter distance training program or if I can start out slow and then add extra mileage to be able to do a full marathon later in the year. Still, it’s a pretty sucky feeling.

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