Posted by: runawaynotes | June 14, 2012

Yoga questions

I am down to the last 7 days of my 30-day unlimited yoga trial period, and I’m going to have to make some decisions about what kind of membership I am going to get after that. The two options right now are 10-pack pass (valid for 6 months) for $119 or unlimited monthly pass for $109. So, I guess the question is – how much yoga do I really need. So far, I’ve been going anywhere between 4 and 1 times per week, and I’ve tried three different types of classes: Open Flow, Gentle Flow, and Deep Stretch (I still want to try Restorative and Meditation classes). Each class has its own benefits. Gentle flow is the least taxing on my body, so I can concentrate on my breathing and truly clear my mind and just “go with the flow”. Open flow class provides a more challenging core workout (chaturanga, anyone) and great balance exercises. And deep stretch just kicks my butt (or at least it feels like someone has kicked it for two days after because of the strech in those deep muscles that I wasn’t aware I had). The question is, which ones of them do I need more of and how often? Three days a week? Twice a week? As often as I feel like? I mean, is it possible to do too much yoga. Plus, now that I have a glimmer of hope that I’m actually going to be able to enroll in my Fall marathon training program, I’m going to figure out how to balance running and yoga. Can you do both on the same day? Would it be too much? I’ve heard some runners say that they would sway and fall over while doing certain poses because they were too tired from an earlier run. That doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Also, I am trying to figure out if certain things that are happening to my body are due to yoga and whether or not they are normal. For example, my hip joints and my lower back started popping a lot. Every time I do sit-ups or crunches, I now hear a very loud popping-grinding sound. Is that normal or am I actually doing some damage to my body? And is it normal to be sore for several days after a yoga class, or does that mean I’m pushing myself too far? I kind of feel silly asking my yoga instructors these questions, but I guess that’s what they are there for, right?



  1. I do yoga almost every day and find that it only helps my running. I do both on the same day, but my yoga sessions are never more than 20-40 minutes long, and relatively slow and gentle. I usually run first, then do yoga. My muscles are already warmed up from running and the yoga poses are easier. Also, it’s a great post-run stretch, and I have a lot less soreness from running if I do gentle yoga afterwards.

    You can definitely be sore from yoga, especially the first few weeks of new poses or classes, but don’t strain during any of the poses. You will naturally get more limber and flexible without trying.

    I’m sure your yoga teacher would be happy to answer any of your questions. Doing yoga has been the one thing that’s helped me stay injury-free from running. I’ve made converts of all my running friends, and they all swear by its benefits, too.

    • Do you practice at the studio or do you use DVD’s at home? Any DVD’s you can recommend?

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