Posted by: runawaynotes | June 22, 2012

Motivation… or lack thereof

It’s been over a week since I’ve gotten my doctor’s clearance to start running again. I remember that just a couple of months ago I was so anxious to run again that the sight of joggers on my daily commute to work would almost bring tears to my eyes. You would think that I would be lacing up my running shoes daily and hitting the road. Well, that hasn’t been happening much. Here are some excuses that my mind comes up with whenever the thought “Maybe I should go running” pops in my head:

1) It’s too early in the morning and I’m still tired.
2) It’s too late in the evening and I’m already tired.
3) I’m just tired.
4) It’s too hot/humid/rainy etc.
5) I’m hungry, so I have no energy to run.
6) I’ve just eaten so I am feeling too sluggish to run.
7) I’m just going to browse Pinterest for a couple more minutes (three hours later, see excuse #2).
And the lamest one 8) I’ve just washed my hair this morning and I’ll get sweaty and will have to wash it again.

Huh?! What happened to me? I used to be able to wake up at 5 am, rain or shine, to get my run in. I’ve been able to maintain my training schedule through two busy seasons at work (those in accounting will particularly appreciate this fact). I’ve been able to keep running through the entire hellishly dry summer in Texas last year. Not running was just not an option. So why is it that it’s so freaking hard to get back into the swing of things again?

I think part of it is that my trusted running buddy has moved to another side of town, and I no longer have someone to motivate me to drag my butt out of a nice air conditioned house on a hot sweaty afternoon. Part of it is the fact that I still have the “I’m injured therefore I need to rest” mindset. And part of it is the fact that I’m simply not in as good of a shape as I used to be in. But none of this matters. If I want to be ready for my training program, I have a month to whip myself back into shape. I’ve enlisted the help of my husband to be my running buddy for now, since we are currently running about the same pace. So, hopefully he’ll help me with the getting my butt out of bed part. I also need to start putting running on my calendar so that I know it’s part of my agenda for the day and I know exactly when it needs to happen. The sooner I make it a routine, the better.



  1. My advice: make a mini-training plan to get you back on track. Make a spreadsheet and color code it. Every time you run what’s on your plan, color the box green. You’ll feel so great when you stick to your plan and see all those green boxes. I am the Queen of Excuses, and this keeps me motivated.

    • I should. I’m one of those people who are slaves of their daily planner: if it’s not on my calendar, it’s not going to happen. And I love checking off completed tasks. So this should be a good tool.

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