Posted by: runawaynotes | June 27, 2012

“Reasonably high heels” – what is reasonable for a runner?

This Monday I had my annual doctor’s visit, and while I was listing out all the drugs that I have been taking recently, I mentioned the oral steroids prescribed to me by my orthopedic surgeon. When the doctor gave me a puzzled look, I explained to her that I had a knee injury and I was taking steroids to reduce inflammation. She nodded sympathecially and then said “I bet those shoes aren’t doing your knees any favors either.” Now it was my turn to give her a puzzled look. The shoes she accused of being bad for my knees are my “sensible” shoes. They are the shoes I put on when I know I’m going to have a long day at the office and I want to be comfortable. In my mind, they don’t even count as “high heels”. Here’s what they look like:

I actually bought these shoes when I was planning my outfit for a girls’ night out that involved lots of dancing, walking, and otherwise abusing my poor feet. And they were a comprimise from my “normal” shoes that I would wear to work on a daily basis. Shoes like these:

Now that I actually put a measuring tape next to them, I’m thinking that wearing them so often probably wasn’t a good idea 😦 My doctor would have probably had a heart attack had she seen those shoes. But this brief conversation got me thinking – so what are good everyday shoes for runners? I own several pairs of flats, but I honestly can’t say that my feet and knees feel any better after an entire day in flats than they do after a day in high heels. Lack of heel and arch support and thin non-cushy sole cannot be that good for your joints and calf muscles. Then there are what I call “grandma shoes”. They are very comfortable, have good arch support and a heel of about 0.5 inches. They are also so boring that they can make even your cutest outfit look drab and blah. And I am shallow enough that I simply refuse to sacrifice the “cute” factor for comfort. But what’s a girl to do?!



  1. Wow, I would fall flat on my face if I had to wear those heels! Being a teacher meant not sitting down for eight hours, and somewhat “sensible” shoes were a necessity. Fortunately, everyone else wore the same type of shoes so I didn’t look too dorky. I love shoes, but when I started running six years ago I definitely thought more about what I put on my feet when I wasn’t running.

  2. I have an office job, so I do sit at my desk most of the time. So, wearing high heels is not that big of a deal. It’s funny because my company’s dress code is actually “casual”, so you would think that I would wear more athletic-type shoes. However, almost all the jeans that I can find at the store are ridiculously long. So, then I have to wear high heels to make them look right (or hem them, which doesn’t really look the same as the original hem).

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