Posted by: runawaynotes | July 5, 2012

The need for speed

I am continuing to enjoy my extra-special extra-long holiday weekend, which means I’m continuing to sleep in instead of waking up at 6 am and going out for a run. Which in turn means that I have to run at 9-10 am, when the heat is already suffocating. Because of this, and also because I have to run by myself and I’m bored out of my mind, I tend to push myself myself to run a little faster just “to get it over with”. Yes, I know it’s not a great attitude, but what can I say, I am a pack animal 🙂 I need my running buddies with me in order to have fun. If they are not around, I’m still going to get my miles in, but it won’t be nearly as enjoyable. That’s why this morning I started out going 11:35; then picked it up to 10:43; and finally finished out going 10:10. Since I was going pretty fast compared to what my body had gotten used to doing over the past few weeks (12:30 average), I decided to make it short and sweet and stopped at 2.5 miles. I was super excited because my knee held up really well – with minimal discomfort after I was done. When my symptoms were at their worst, I could not push myself to go faster than 11:00 without triggering an immediate negative response from my knee, so being able to go faster even for a couple of miles felt great. It also reminded me that just 6 months ago I could keep this pace up for several hours. I can’t wait to get back to that place 🙂


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