Posted by: runawaynotes | July 8, 2012

5 mile goal met

Because I was volunteering at the Independence 5k/10k yesterday, I had to move my long run of the week to Sunday morning. It turned out to be a good thing because Texas weather has decided to give us an unexpectedly generous gift of temperatures in high 70’s this morning. So, my 5 mile run was so much more pleasant than it would have been the day before (judging by the facial expressions of the Independence 10k participants).

I started out pretty slow, doing about 11:30 my first mile, and then picked up the pace to average about 10:30 across the 5 miles (my best mile was 9:50). I was a little tempted to just keep going for another mile, but I forced myself to stop. No need to injure myself by jumping from 4.5 miles (my previous longest distance) straight to 6, especially at a faster pace. That will be my goal for next week. My knee held up ok. I would get an occasional twinge, but nothing too alarming. Once I was done with the run and with my stretches, I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Yay me! 🙂

I did struggle with another issue thought. I had a pretty bad case of food poisoning last Sunday (high fever, dehydration, you name it). That, combined with the lingering side effects of two rounds of antibiotics and steroids that I’ve had to take in the past couple of weeks for my sore throat, has completely destroyed my digestive system. I feel like no matter what (and how little) I eat, it just ends up sitting like a lump in my stomach, making me feel sluggish and nauseous. When you add running into the mix, it doesn’t result in anything good, trust me. So, on my way home this morning, I stopped by the pharmacy and grabbed some probiotics. Hopefully, they should help getting my body back to functioning at 100%.

Yoga today felt heavenly. My hamstrings really appreciated all the stretching, and I swear, I could hear my joints crack and relax a fraction more every time we would do a hip opening pose. Thankfully, we didn’t have to do too many blanching poses. I think I would have been too wobbly on my feet to maintain them for more than just a couple of seconds.

Overall, this has been a pretty good week. It was my second week of staying on track with my running plan. I’ve met all of my goals, both speed and distance-wise. I’ve been diligent about stretching and hydrating, so my knee gave me very little trouble. Even with the minor setback due to food poisoning, I’ve been able to make great progress. And most importantly, I’m back to feeling like myself again. I am back to liking myself again too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the momentum going next week. So far, I have two things planned. I’m running Too Hot to Handle 5k on Sunday (my first race since I’ve gotten injured), and I’m planning to do a 6 mile run either on Thursday or on Friday. If both things go as planned, I’ll be registering for the full marathon training program at the end of next week! 🙂



  1. Can’t wait to hear how well you do in the Too Hot to Handle next weekend!

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