Posted by: runawaynotes | August 26, 2012


For over two weeks now I’ve been dealing with this strange exhaustion. I would even say, EXHAUSTION. It’s not the usual feeling of being tired that you get after an intense workout or drowsiness from not getting enough sleep. It’s this heavy bone deep weariness that makes you feel like a giant jellyfish that has been thrown out of the ocean and is lying on the sand wretchedly staring out into open space wondering how in the world it’s going to get all of its chores done make it back into the water.

At first I blamed it on not getting enough sleep and too much stress due to a crazy work schedule. But it’s been about a week since my crunch time at the office has ended, and I really haven’t seen any improvement in how I feel. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep (I’ve gone as far as going to bed between 8:30 and 9 pm for a few days – something that I hadn’t done since middle school). I can’t say that I have eliminated all stress from my life, but I have definitely gotten it to a more manageable level. Yet, every morning I still have to drag myself out bed, and the thought of going for a run at 6:30 am makes me feel like an elderly Bassett hound rather than a perky Golden Retriever puppy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still get all of my training done as well as laundry/dishes/cleaning/other chores. But I feel like every action short of lying on the couch channeling my inner sloth requires an insane amount of effort on my part. So, when does it end? When am I going to start feeling the magical power of post-workout endorphins (or at the very least stop feeling like a wet rag doll)? What am I doing wrong? I have already said that I have been getting plenty of sleep. I keep track of my nutrition, so I know that I get sufficient amount of calories. I have been diligent about taking Fridays as my day off from working out/running. So what gives? Is it just a temporary phase when my body is adjusting to a new much more active lifestyle or are there other things that I should be looking at? My nutritional balance (fat vs. protein vs. carbs), the timing of my workouts, more/different type of yoga, cuddling with puppies, etc.? I hope I can get this figured out pretty soon because in a couple of weeks my Saturday morning runs will start going over the 14 mile mark, which will be a completely unchartered territory for me.



  1. Just throwing this out there, have you considered iron? If you are increasing your running mileage, you may be suffering from lower iron levels as the your workouts will stimulate an increase in red blood celsl and production of blood vessels which in turn increases the demand for more iron. Fatigue is a common symtom of low iron levels.

    • You know, I haven’t considered this before, but now that you’ve said it, I have been diagnosed as borderline anemic in the past. Maybe I should schedule an appointment with my doc to double check.

  2. So very common with females. I myself have had low iron counts as it can be difficult to get enough and it takes time for the body to bring up the levels. I tried iron pills, but they really do a number on a person’s system and can create constipation. Another doctor recommended a One a Day Pre-Natal vitamin instead as they usually have a higher iron content than regular One-A-Days. Best of luck.

  3. It could also be that you’re a little overtrained and your body just needs a little more rest. If it’s not an iron issue, you might take a few days off during the week and see how you feel. It won’t hurt your training, and may make you look forward to your runs again. We all get a little burned out with running and training.

    • We’ll see what the doctor says – my appointment is on Wednesday. If she can’t find anything wrong with me, I might take a couple of Wednesdays off from running (it’s only a 30 minute run, but doing it at 6:30 am right after finishing an hour long speed workout the night before sometimes feels like too much).

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