Posted by: runawaynotes | August 31, 2012

The results are in

My doctor’s office called me today with my blood work results. I’m not anemic, my electrolytes are good, and so is my glucose. My liver and kidneys are functioning fine. The problem – vitamin D deficiency. This is actually not anything new. I’ve dealt with vitamin D deficiency a couple of years ago, when it got so severe that they had to put me on a prescription vitamin D supplement (50,000 IU’s per week). Fortunately, things are not as bad now as they were then. I can get away with just taking additional 1000 IU’s of vitamin D per day, and I should be fine. I thought it was kind of odd that I was still deficient even though I spend hours in the sun when running, but I guess sunscreen with SPF 100 blocks pretty much all vitamin D. Well, good to know it was something this simple. I’ll just have to add vitamin D to the long and distinguished list of supplements I’m already taking (multivitamin, calcium, potassium, magnesium, glucosamine, acidophilus, fiber).

Tomorrow’s a race day. I’ll be doing DRC Breakfast Bash 5 miler. Normally, I wouldn’t be too worried about running 5 miles, but this one will have a twist. I’ll be meeting with my training group before the race and running extra 5 miles or so. Then, I’m going to race and my personal goal is to try to keep it at 9:50 pace (my goal race pace). Should be a good way to practice pushing myself when I’m already tired. I’m just hoping for a cloudy morning because the high for tomorrow is forecasted to be around 100 F.


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