Posted by: runawaynotes | September 22, 2012

Race day (belated): Jailbreak!

This Saturday was another first for me in my life as a runner – I finally got to do my first mud run! My friends and I have been thinking about doing a mud run for about a year now, but the timing never quite work out. It didn’t technically work out super well this time either because I’m in the middle of my marathon training program and Saturdays are my long runs. I have officially given up 5K races for the duration of the program because it’s pretty hard to catch up to a 16, 18, 20 etc. mile run on my own. So, in order to make up some of the miles, I joined my friend’s half marathon training group the morning of the Jailbreak run and did 9  miles with them before the race. It worked out great for my mileage (I only lost 3 instead of 13), but didn’t work out super great for my legs – I was already pretty tired by the time the race started.

We were supposed to be part of a 12 pm “wave”, but we got to the race site early enough to join the 11:30 wave. I’ve never been to Roanoke before, so I was not familiar with the area. But apparently there is this giant paintball field with a ton of cool structures (towers, police cars, tire walls, etc.) We could see some of the obstacles at the start line and the finish line of the course, and by the looks of them we knew just how muddy we were going to get. The race itself was super fun although I can’t say that it was exactly what I thought it was going to be. Some of the obstacles were super easy and kind of gimmicky. Others were way more challenging (and dangerous) than I had originally anticipated. The one that really got me was the tire wall. In theory climbing up and over a 10-foot wall of  tires didn’t sound too difficult. It wasn’t until I made it all the way to the top of the wall that I realized how high it actually was, how wobbly it felt, and how muddy and slippery the tires were. It took me a good couple of minutes to try to swing my legs over to the other side of the wall and sloooowly slide down. Also, the course itself was pretty uneven and hilly, so I had to be super careful not to twist my ankle. The mud part was pure awesomeness. The day was super hot, so diving down in the mud felt great. Not to mention that my inner kid kept going “Woohooo!!!!” every time I got to dive into the mud pit.

Our little group (me, my husband, and a couple of our friends) stuck together for the entire duration of the race (which took us over an hour to complete). We all had a great time, none of us sustained any serious injuries (ignoring blisters, scratches, or bruises), and we got absolutely freakin’ filthy. What can I say – it was an awesome day 🙂

Oh, and here are the pics:



After 🙂


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