Posted by: runawaynotes | November 25, 2012

Marathon Playlist

As my marathon race day keeps getting closer, I find myself starting to get obsessed over things like what I’m going to wear, what kind of water bottle I’m going to carry (am I going to carry one?), what kind of snacks I’m going to bring with me, and, of course, what kind of music I am going to listen to. Actually, the matter of picking out a perfect playlist has become pressing a few weeks ago, when my Saturday runs started to take longer than just a couple of hours. I am one of those people who needs a constant mental distraction. I have to flip through a magazine when I’m waiting in line at the dentist office; I read a book when I’m having dinner by myself (and sometimes not by myself, much to my husband’s dismay); I play with my iPhone when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning; I listen to Pandora when I’m working on some project at the office…. Well, you get the picture. So, it goes without saying that when I’m about to spend 4.5 hours doing nothing but pounding pavement, I need something to keep my mind from freaking out on me. That’s why music is essential.

When I first started running, putting together a playlist was easy. After all, a 5K would only require about 10 songs. And training for one wouldn’t require that much time, so I wouldn’t have a chance to get sick of them. Putting together a playlist for a marathon is a whole different story. Not only do you have to find enough songs to last  you 6 hours or so (yes, I know my goal time is 4:20, but I’m preparing for the worst case scenario), but you have to change these songs frequently because listening to them over and over again in training will eventually start triggering a major gag reflex. Only very few songs have the power to survive being listened to on a virtually daily basis for 22 weeks and still making it into a final race day playlist. Usually, these are the songs that have either great beat, or awesome lyrics, or just evoke the general feeling of badassness. So, here are a few of the songs that have survived the test of time and will be making it into my first marathon playlist.

Song: Perfect Day
Artist: Hoku
Why this song: It just makes me feel happy, warm, and fuzzy all over 🙂
Perfect For: kicking off the race
Favorite Line: “I’m in the race but I’ve already won. And getting there can be half the fun. So don’t stop me till I’m good and done. Don’t you try to rain on my perfect day.”

Song: Fix Me
Artist: 10 Years
Why this song: It has just the right amount of bad-ass-ness
Perfect For: just cruising
Favorite Line: “I’m fine in the fire. I feed on the friction. I’m right where I should be, don’t try to fix me.”

Song: Jump
Artist: Van Halen
Why this song: Great energy. Plus, the visual image of David Lee Roth in those tight pants is a great distraction
Perfect For: doing a little happy dance (sometimes just inside your head) at the top of a tough hill

Song: Fastest Girl In Town
Artist: Miranda Lambert
Why this song: I love the attitude of it. Makes you go “Yeah, girl!”
Perfect For: kicking it in high gear
Favorite Line: “Ain’t no use in trying to slow me down ’cause you’re running with the fastest girl in town.”

Song: Pump It
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Why this song: great beat
Perfect For: getting pumped at the start of the race.

Song: Gangnam Style
Artist: PSY
Why this song: Do I really need to explain? 😉
Perfect For: just about anything


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