Posted by: runawaynotes | January 6, 2013

First race of the year: Frigid 5K

I know that I’ve been slacking pretty badly on my blogging. Just like I’ve been slacking on my running. Hopefully, with the new training season kicking off, I will be able to fix both problems. The training technically doesn’t start until next week, but we’ve already had our first race, which was also our time trial that the coaches used to place us in pace groups.

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve raced a 5K. My marathon training made it pretty diffucult because most of the 5K races usually take place on Saturday mornings, so they would inevitable coincide with my long training run of the week. When you have to run 5-6-10 miles, it’s not a big deal to skip the run, race a 5K, and then do additional mileage on your own. It’s not that easy to do when you need to run 15-18-22 miles. That was the reason why we had to skip Susan G. Komen 5K last year- for the first time in 3 years. So, I will admit, I was really excited about being able to race short distances again. I was a little uncertain at first about what to do on this one, since it would be my first post-marathon fast run (and I’ve gotten thoroughly out of shape due to taking such a long running break). I knew that on my best day, I used to be able to pull off an 8:45 mile. That was pre-marathon training, so I have probably gotten stronger since then. However, I also knew that this would not have been my best day and that attempting to even approach this pace would make me puke. Ultimately, my friend Megan and I have decided that we are going to try for 9:30 pace to do a sub-30 min 5K. Megan has never done one before, so she wanted me to pace her. That seemed like a great plan to me.

Fridig 5K definitely lived up to its name – the air was nice and chilly. I cursed mother Nature again for her poor timing (why couldn’t we have had this weather on my marathon day?!), but I was grateful that we were not going to have to deal with sun, humidity, or wind gusts. Before the race started, we got to catch up with some old friends, some of whom we haven’t seen since the last day of marathon training program. It felt really good to be out on the White Rock lake again, although after seeing how many of my friends had registered for the 10K, I started feeling like a slacker for only doing “half the distance.” The race itself sort of flew by. I guess after experiencing what running for 5.5 hours feels like, my brain barely registered 30 minutes. Megan and I stuck together and maintained the 9:27-9:31 pace throughout the entire race, finishing around 29:50-ish. Even though we met out goal, both of us had our share of issues. I could tell that she had some trouble breathing (understandable after a long break). I had no problem with my breath since I was already comfortable with this pace, but my right knee started hurting around 1.5 mile mark. Even though I was wearing my brace, I didn’t tighten it enough, so my IT band was clearly pulling my knee cap the wrong way.

After we finished the race, we walked up the hill to Winfrey Point to grab some food and saw the Chirosport guys, which instantly reminded me another benefit of running 5K’s as opposed to longer distances – the lines to get free massages are always shorter because the majority of people are still running 🙂 I shouldn’t have been too excited about that – having the kinks worked out of my IT band was definitely not a pleasant experience. Plus, I got a stern lecture on how not being able to run without a brace means I still have a problem that I need to work on – through excercise and therapy. So, I guess I am going to have to make it a priority this training season before I get into marathon distances again.

But overall, it was still a pretty good day. I’m really excited for Megan who finally got her sub-30 min 5K. I couldn’t be more proud of her because I remember our first 5K together (38 min for me, 42 min for her), and I can see how incredibly far she’s come. I think this is going to be a great training season for both of us.




  1. Congrats on reaching your 5K goal. It’s a nice way to finish off your training season.

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