Posted by: runawaynotes | May 26, 2013

MCM Training Week 1 Summary

Weekly Summary:

Monday – cross training (arms, back, abs)
Tuesday – 5 miles base
Wednesday – 3 miles easy run
Thursday – 5 miles base
Friday – rest
Saturday – 3 miles easy run
Sunday – 8 miles base
Total mileage: 24

I am officially done with my first week of marathon training, and yes, I consider Monday to be the first day of the week – I’m European like that 😉 The week has been exciting and frustrating in many ways. I got to meet my running group, or, technically, two of my running groups. Since my Tuesday and Thursday runs are at the Richardson RunOn location, and most people meet at the Mockingbird location, my weekday running group is just 4 people. Technically, the 10:30 pace group is just two people (one of them being me), but they combine us with the 10 min pace group, and that’s how you get up to 4.

On Sundays we get to run from the Mockingbird location, so we merge into a larger 10:30 group. Most people there are marathon veterans, who have quite a few marathons under their belt, but there are a couple of newbies like me, who are training for their second or third marathon, and a couple of first timers too. So, it’s a nice mix – you have people who are really eager to ask questions and people who are really excited to share their knowledge and experience. So far, I’ve been getting nothing but the good vibes. The 8 mile run this morning went by pretty fast because everyone was chatting, getting to know each other, and cracking jokes. Definitely, my kind of crowd.

So, that was the exciting part of the week. Moving on to the frustrating. Wednesday night my garmin decided that it was going to boycott the Training Center, GarminConnect, and Strava. Even though it diligently recorded all of my activity for the week, it flat out refused to upload it. Nothing would get my computer to recognize it, so after uninstalling and reinstalling all the software and doing hard reset of the unit, I decided that enough was enough and ordered another garmin. The new unit (310xt) came on Friday, and apparently it also doesn’t like to play nice with GarminConnect and Strava. I still have to unplug the ANT stick and stop the ANT agent software and then restart it again before my activities get uploaded. So, as of right now, I am still trying to figure out how to get my garmin to talk to my computer automatically without all the extra effort on my part.

Another frustrating thing has been the weather. I knew it was going to be warm, but the 100% humidity was definitely a big slap in the face from Mother Nature. I’ve been slathering body glide on before each run and then slathering zinc paste on after, and I still have angry red lines on my back and my chest. Medieval monks with their self-flagellation definitely have nothing on me. I’m seriously contemplating running without my heart rate monitor strap because it’s just too much of a pain (literally). Also, I am definitely putting compression shorts and mesh tank tops on my shopping list, because even the lightest t-shirt feels like it weighs a ton when it’s drenched in sweat, and all the seams and the stitching feel like sandpaper.

So, that was my first training week in a nutshell. Next one should be pretty similar, with the overall mileage going up by about 3 miles. Hopefully, the weather will be more cooperative. I am happy to report that most of my pre-training anxiety is gone. Now, I am just excited about the next 23 weeks – getting to know people better, making new friends, exploring some new neighborhoods. I think this is going to be a fun summer.



  1. The humidity this week has been brutal. I really struggle in this type of weather the most. Ugh. Congrats on your first week of official training! Mine doesn’t “officially” begin until the end of June, but it doesn’t mean I’m not getting in the base miles!

    • I sure hope it gets better. What are you training for this time?

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