Posted by: runawaynotes | June 3, 2013

MCM Training Week 2 Summary

Weekly Summary:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 miles base
Wednesday – 3 miles easy
Thursday – 6 miles base
Friday – rest (did a lot of walking that day though)
Saturday – 4 miles (Bloomin’ 4 mile race)
Sunday – 9 miles base
Total Miles: 27

I’m trying to be diligent about posting weekly updates, but, as you can see, I’m struggling just two weeks in. Who would have thought that sticking to the writing schedule would be more challenging than sticking to the running schedule 🙂 In any case, I would rather have it this way than the other way around 😉

This has been a much more pleasant week than the previous one. I am still sort of sleepwalking through most of my days because I am chronically sleep deprived. But the humidity has gone down significantly, so all of my runs have been much more enjoyable. Plus, wrapping some moleskin around my heart rate monitor has helped a lot with the chafing issues, so the scars on my chest have pretty much healed (ah, the things that make runners happy). This week we were told that we were going to stick to the early October training schedule, which is geared more towards people who are running Chicago marathon. This means that our schedule is going to be a bit more aggressive than I had originally anticipated, and that people like me, who have our goal race at the end of October-early November, will be able to get a few more longer runs in than we had originally planned. I will admit that I am excited to get into longer runs sooner, but I am also a bit apprehensive. I can’t believe that our Tuesday run this week is already going to be 7 miles long. I will have to make sure that I take really good care of myself and get plenty of rest/hydration/the right nutrition throughout this program.

It is interesting to observe how much more attuned I am to my body compared to my first training season. I can tell which aches and pains are normal and which require a bit more attention. Unfortunately, recognizing a problem does not always mean that you can fix it immediately. This Sunday, in the middle of my 9 mile run, I noticed that my left arch was starting to burn. I am prone to blisters on my feet, and I guess I did not apply enough body glide that morning. Despite all of my efforts not to change my running form, I still ended up favoring that foot. So, by the end of the run my ankle was vocally protesting the fact that it was forced to twist in an unnatural way. I rested on Monday, and I’m going to tape it up tomorrow, so hopefully things will be OK from now on. It’s way too early in the program for me to start having issues like this.

I have recently learned that this training season I will have an additional challenge thrown into the mix. Despite the fact that I had just started a new job less than 6 months ago, my wonderful boss has given me an approval to take two weeks off at the end of June-early July to go home and visit my family. I am super excited because I haven’t seen my family in over two years. But I am also nervous about how I am going to get my runs in. You see, my family lives in Ukraine, which is a great country with a wonderful mild summer weather (low 60’s in the morning, low humidity), which would have been runners’ paradise if not for the fact that  Ukrainian roads and Ukrainian drivers are not very runner-friendly. So, I will have to get my 13-14 runs in by doing insane number of loops on the local high school track. In addition, it will really suck to return back to Texas in July after having experienced those wonderful mild temperatures. Hopefully, the Too Hot to Handle 15K that I will have to run a week after getting back will not have a prophetic name.



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