Posted by: runawaynotes | June 11, 2013

MCM Training Week 3 Summary

Weekly summary:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 7 miles base
Wednesday – 4 miles easy
Thursday – Friday – missed runs
Saturday – 3 miles easy
Sunday – missed run
Total Miles: 14 😦

As you can tell, this has been pretty much a wasted week for me. Too many negative factors collided, so I ended up dropping my mileage significantly. First, major thunderstorms got my Thursday morning run cancelled. Then, my friends and I took a weekend long trip to lake Texoma, where, surprisingly, there were no trails/roads safe enough for running. Megan and I dragged our butts out of bed on a Saturday morning and did a 5K along HW 289, but we really didn’t enjoy dodging cars that were coming at us at 70 mp/h on a winding road. That’s why we kept the run so short. Finally, I had every intention of making up my 10 mile Sunday morning run later that afternoon, but then my foot started bothering me again. What initially appeared to be a minor nuisance is slowly turning into a major problem as my foot is not getting any better, and in fact, keeps bothering me more and more.

I can’t pinpoint what is triggering the pain. It definitely hurts more when I run, but at this point it just aches pretty much non-stop. I can’t even figure out which part of my foot hurts. Sometimes it feels like the pain is in my arch. Sometimes it seems to be in my ankle. Three days of rest did not seem to make any difference. Taping the foot helps; so does icing it. But all these seem to be short-term solutions. I hate to admit this to myself, but I might have to see a doctor if this problem does not get better by the end of the week. Why do I have to start this training season dealing with essentially the same crap as last season?! Why?!!! Ok, enough whining and self-pity – on to the more positive updates.

I have discovered that the heat is starting to bother me less and less. Typically, summer afternoon runs feel like a major beat down, but when I was doing my 4 miles with DRC (in celebration of the National Running Day, I might add) on Wednesday at 7 pm, I was surprised to find out that my usual comfortable 11 min pace felt too slow. I ended up picking it up to 9:50 and I felt great the entire time. This gives me hope that my heat tolerance is slowly building up. Hopefully, I won’t lose all of it after two weeks in Ukraine/Croatia.

Well, since there wasn’t much running this past week, I don’t really have much more to say. Please think some good thoughts for me and my poor foot. I’m off to ice it some more while stuffing my face with self-pity ice cream.



  1. Sending good vibes to your foot. You are going to fly in the cooler weather in Croatia, and it is going to be tough to come back to the Texas heat, but just go and enjoy yourself. I’m going to beat the heat by staying as close to my AC as possible!

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