Posted by: runawaynotes | May 1, 2013

Happy birthday to my blog!

One year ago today RunawayNotes was born! It was fun to go through my old posts today to see how far I have come since then. In many ways, things are very different now.  Back then, I have made a decision to train for and run a full marathon. At that time, I was very uncertain in my own abilities. I wasn’t sure if my body would be strong enough physically (I was dealing with an injury), and I also wasn’t sure if I was tough enough mentally to go through the whole ordeal. And now I know that my body is a lot stronger than I gave it credit for, and I am way tougher than I ever believed myself to me. I have grown so much as a runner over the past 12 months. I have reached so many milestones. It has been one truly amazing year.  Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | March 27, 2013

Now what?

Two hours and 27 minutes of anguish, frustration, and anger. Tens of thousands of people trying to reach a common goal, failing over and over again. Every now and then, you get a glimmer of hope that the end to this misery is near, but another few moments pass, and you realize that you are as far away from that precious prize as you were an hour ago. Your loved ones are cheering you on. “Keep on trying! We believe in you!” Those lucky few who have gone before you and succeeded also share words of encouragement “Do not give up! It’s not over yet!” You think you’ve hit the wall. You don’t have the mental fortitude to keep going. You are ready to give up. But then that little voice just whispers in your ear “Come on! One more try!” And you click your mouse, and just like that, miraculously, you are registered for Marine Corps Marathon 2013!  Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | March 24, 2013

Race day: Rock’n’Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Well, even though technically I still have about another month of this training season left, I can officially say that this has been a successful season. I won’t lie – it sure hasn’t felt like one up until today. I’ve had issues with my motivation. I’ve struggled with speedwork. I have probably had more runs that I didn’t enjoy than the ones I did. This was my first training season (in 3.5 years) when I started asking myself why do I keep doing this when it seems I am simply not enjoying running anymore. Well, I got the answer to this question today, when I crossed that finish line and nearly burst into tears when I realized that my Garmin was showing 2:05:25 – I have improved my personal best by almost 9 minutes! At that moment, I realized that I would go through another season of grueling hill work, miserable speed training, and exhausting long runs just to experience this feeling of pure joy, and pride, and “Hell yeah! I just kicked some butt” again.

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I have almost certainly had worse runs than the one this morning. I just can’t think of any right now. Oh my God! This run SUCKED! And it was ironic (in the Alanis Morissette sense of the word) for two reasons. One, the last couple of weeks have been actually pretty good. I did Trinity Levee 10K in 55:45. I allowed myself to fall back from 2:00 pace group to 2:05 group on Tuesday nights when we do our speed work, and that has made a huge difference as well. I was back to feeling good about running. And two, I don’t remember ever hitting the wall during my marathon. But I sure hit one today. Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | February 10, 2013

The only thing we have to fear…

If you are a runner and you have a Facebook account, chances are your news feed is flooded with all sorts of running memes. Some of them are funny, some of them are cheesy, some of them are plain stupid, and some are surprisingly true. There is one that has always resonated with me. There are multiple photos floating around the internet, but the caption is the same “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body does”. It has always been amazing to me how true this saying is. I mean, why is it that when you’re going out for a 15 mile run, the first 8 miles just fly by, and you don’t even start thinking about the fact that you are getting tired till mile 12-13. However, if you’ve decided to do just 10 miles, by mile 8 you feel like you are going to die. Read More…

Posted by: runawaynotes | January 31, 2013

All it takes is one cool looking medal…


March 24th, here I come 🙂

Posted by: runawaynotes | January 28, 2013

New Years Resolution

It’s almost the end of January, which means that approximately a third of the people who had made New Year’s resolutions this year have already broken them. Typically, I would be part of this sad statistic, but so far this year I’ve been doing pretty well. I guess it’s because, unlike some of the prior years, I did not resolve to do anything monumental that would require an incredible amount of will power and moral fortitude (e.g. lose 15 lbs, work out every day, be nice to people, those kinds of things). My resolution this year was very simple. I promised myself that I would cook two meals per week. From scratch.

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Posted by: runawaynotes | January 16, 2013

On goals, deadlines, and motivation (or lack thereof)

If you open a dictionary and look up the definition of “procrastinator”, there will be my picture next to it. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I am one of those people who “work better under pressure” (which means that I wait until the very last minute to do whatever it is I have to do, and then almost kill myself trying to finish everything at the eleventh hour. Interestingly enough, the quality of my work doesn’t suffer. It’s as if some kind of switch turns on that makes me super organized, focused, and determined to get things done. Unfortunately, when I don’t have a specific goal and a tight deadline, the switch turns in the opposite direction. This is what’s been happening with me since this latest training season started.

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Posted by: runawaynotes | January 6, 2013

First race of the year: Frigid 5K

I know that I’ve been slacking pretty badly on my blogging. Just like I’ve been slacking on my running. Hopefully, with the new training season kicking off, I will be able to fix both problems. The training technically doesn’t start until next week, but we’ve already had our first race, which was also our time trial that the coaches used to place us in pace groups.

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Posted by: runawaynotes | December 25, 2012

Race pictures!!!

Apparently, my fabulous tutu pretty much obscured by race bib number, so it took some time for Sport Photo people to piece all of my pictures together. But here they are! Read More…

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